About Us

Stepnowski Brothers, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and, as such, affords equal employment and sales opportunities to all employees and vendors. We have an active Mentoring Program to assist other Small Business Owners and have completed many projects exceeding the Minority and Women Owned Business participation target ranges.

We are conveniently located near Interstate 95, Interstate 76, and the Pennsylvania and the New Jersey Turnpikes. We occupy a two acre site in which we maintain our trucks, an extensive inventory of tools and equipment, and many other building materials. These resources enable us to provide the necessary equipment and basic materials for scheduled work as well as emergency off-hours work when equipment rental and material supplier businesses are closed.

Stepnowski Brothers, Inc. has established a reputation for reliable, conscientious, and efficient service, and we diligently endeavor to retain and perfect this reputation. Our company's priorities are to serve our customer's needs while working safely and efficiently, and to produce the highest quality work at the least possible cost.